Inquiry from Bangladesh

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Dear Sir/Madum,

I am AGM of Delta Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Delta Limited is supplier and distributor of various Medical Equipment. I have visited your website and checked all information about Spine MT K1 and M Noble Rex and discussed with some Physiotherapist and Orthopedic Doctors and also some Hospitals Management and found a good response for these two equipment. As this type of equipment is not familiar in our country we hope very soon we can sale few equipment specially Spine MT K1. So if you do not have any distributor or agent in Bangladesh then we want to become your Distributor in Bangladesh. If you also want to start business in Bangladesh through Delta Limited pls send me the price of these two equipment and detail catalog. If you have distributor in Bangladesh then pls inform me the name and address. Actually one of our customers already confirmed me for one unit Spine MT K1, so pls send me reply asap.


Best regards.


Engr. Fazlul Haque

Delta Limited

House 503A, Road 34

DOHS Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206


Phone: +880 2 9892192

Cell: +8801755598205


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